We owned Trigger since 1987 when we purchased him as a green broken 4 year old lead pony and future riding pony for my son Jason, who was also 4 years old at the time. He was a Welsh section B pony and was hand raised as an orphan. Therefore, he was very, very people friendly and loved children. 

Trigger taught both my kids to ride, was a bombproof harness pony, unflappable trail riding pony, did countless kids' parties and kindergarten fetes, and at the age of 18 he became a Pony Club mount for Emma (aged 9 years). For the next 3 years he excelled at Pony Club as though he had done it all his life. He competed in games, cross-country, show jumping, games, show rider, fancy dress, handy mount and anything else that was asked of him.

After moving on to her next mount Storm, Emma rode him once a fortnight until he was 30 years old to check the boundaries and bring in the cows and just have fun on him. He never showed any signs of stiffness or soreness and still acted like a young pony. He was the most amazing all-rounder pony that we could ever find and he stayed with us for the rest of his life. 

Trigger died on 26/6/2015 aged nearly 32 years old and we will all miss him forever.


 Trigger in harness at Glengarry


                                        Jason and Trigger 1992                                                    

 Emma (aged 2 years) riding Trigger.


 Trigger in harness 1995


 Emma and Trigger at Dandenong Ranges Pony Club 2003

Emma jumping Trigger at Lysterfield Equestrian Centre

Emma and Trigger at Dandenong Ranges Pony Club 2003

   Emma jumping Trigger at Lysterfield Equestrian Centre                               Emma and Trigger at Dandenong Ranges Pony Club 2003




 Emma and Trigger 1st prize Fancy Dress Dandenong Ranges Pony Club Xmas Rally


 Emma riding Trigger at Toora Beach 2005


 Emma riding Trigger with Charlie 2009

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