Our beautiful big horses and ponies that we have had the privilege of having in our lives

Our beautiful new boy Here's Wally. 

After searching for 18 months for the right horse after the tragic loss of our beloved Storm we found Wally.

He is perfect and he will be with us for the rest of his days



Storm, Emma's lovely Pony Club mount and best friend - tragically lost due to an unavoidable paddock accident on 23/7/2012. R.I.P. Storm - never forgotten


     Photo : Morrie Mathews Photography




 Tooravale Warlord (Wally) Cennen Secretariat (Imp) x Horsegate Countess (Imp) my lovely pleasure riding horse.



Tooravale Warlord (Wally) back from a big trail ride



Trigger, the most amazing all rounder and first pony to my both my children.

See more pics of Trigger on his page.


Past horses that we have had the great pleasure of sharing our lives with and that are sadly missed.


Minty (quarter horse x brumby) was owned and loved by me until she passed away in 2008 at the age of 34 years.



Rocky (mountain bred stock horse) was a brilliant stock and trail riding horse. It was a privelege to have owned and ridden him. He will never be forgotten.




Morgan, my first horse. I was 15 years old when I bought him and we did pony club, gymkhanas, jumped everything, and rode many, many kilometres of trails. A very special horse who taught me so much!



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